The right team is critical to us and to your brands success. At Group48 we believe in ensuring we have only the best and most experienced people to support you and your brand. With expertise in each of their fields, we have at our fingertips what your business needs to succeed.

Full Channel Support For Your Brand

The team at Group48 has worked with many retail and digital channels, including  major department stores, through to small boutiques. We understand what each  channel needs to ensure your brands success, with the right POS and branded  support custom designed. 

Distribution Warehouse And Logistics Capability

Group48 owns and runs its own warehouse in central Sydney. With full logistics  capabilities, ensuring that your products get where they need to go, whether  direct to consumer or to a retailer’s DC, through a fully automated software  distribution platform.


OUR EXPERIENCED TEAMThe Right Team Critical To Your Brands Success

From Brand Management, Operations, Planning, Allocations, Sales, Marketing and Digital E-comm. Our business has been operating since 1948, with longevity of our own brands in major retailers Australia wide, we know what it takes to triumph in your market.
In house Operational Team with over 30 years’ experience in retail and consumer operational support. Our allocation and planning teams study your business and brand, monitor inventory and sales performance, and providing analysis necessary to bring in new products to fit the needs of the customer. Ensuring your brand and products are in the hands of retailers and consumers on time with volume and budgets always at the forefront of our operational teams KPI.
Sales and Marketing teams with over 30 years of servicing developing and existing brands. Working with our clients to bring together plans and strategies for channel retailers and consumers through unique and creative sales and marketing strategies and execution.
We work closely with you and our Brand Development team, for new to market brands to ensure support and success for the local market. Your brand may have found its feet in your region, however it is critically important to define the consumer in each local area. We work on tone of voice and creative needed to ensure we hit the ground running and engage the local consumer to drive sales with your brand identity and equity top of mind.

FULL CHANNEL SUPPORTHow Do We Support Your Brand?


Online e-comm site development for the local market 

Social media strategy to ensure all messaging aligns to local marketing needs to drive consumer awareness, engagement and conversion through this critical channel.

Linking with all required digital partner platforms for sales and marketing drivers.

In Store – Retail Channels

If brick and mortar retail forms part of our distribution strategy with you and your brand, we will develop a clear business plan to find the right channels. Whether that be pharmacy, fashion, major supermarkets and retailers, independents etc, or a mix. We will delve deep into the best channel/s to showcase your brand and drive sales. At Group48 we plan for a brands longevity, not quick wins. 

How your product is displayed in store is critical to its success. Does it need a point-of-sale unit? Does this fit within the retail channel strategy? Does the product need a trial to buy program in store and how is this best executed? These questions and more are answered with our retail visual merchandising team, who design and develop the best fit (or adaptation of your current POS units) for your products and brand showcase. 

We develop a strategic retailer marketing budget with you and ensure any co-op marketing journey required (in support of retailers % of contracted sales), is carefully executed to ensure ROI.

A COMPLETE SOLUTIONPrivately Owned Distribution Warehouse And Logistics Capability

Full warehouse with logistics capability in central Sydney, Australia, including container loading direct into warehouse.
Pick and Pack teams, capable of direct to consumer and retailer distribution logistics and supply chain management. Including full pallet, cartons and individual items.
Warehouse kitting and assembly for kits and packs and special orders
Inventory management to ensure all products are audit controlled

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With a dedicated vision and commitment to progressing the reach of your  business.

Group48 has grown to be one of Australia’s premier manufacturing, distribution,  design and development houses.