WHO WE AREQuality Craftsmanship. 100% Australian Owned. Client Focused.

Formerly known as Barcs Australia, Group48 is a leading design, product development, contract  manufacturing and distribution company based in Sydney. 

Synonymous with high quality products of exceptional value, Group48 are specialists in beauty,  fashion jewellery, scarves, handbags, sunglasses, impulse products, homewares and accessories. 

Established in 1948 and still 100% Australian-owned, Group48 has a proud heritage of premium  craftsmanship and quality that continues today. 

Our growing number of licensed partners is testament to our talented in-house team of designers,  marketing experts and product developers. Together with our continued focus on quality and  workmanship produced to client specification and budget, ready to increase profits at every  transaction. 

Group48 prides itself on delivering high quality products of exceptional value, with our partners end  consumer always at the forefront of design and development.


OUR PARTNERS SUCCESSBringing Your Vision to Life

Our collaborative approach to product category development, ensures that design is achieved with our client’s seasonality inspiration in mind.

We know what it takes to make a product and brand succeed and we work closely with our contract manufacturing partners ensuring the products are on brand, on consumer target and always with saleability and profit top of mind. 


Sold through both B2B and B2C channels, Group48 has a clear vision for the future of  this critical business path. 

With our own direct to consumer brands including Barcs, Amelie, Willow & Reed, Eden  Australia, and Frank & Rosie, gaining momentum in the digital consumer space, we are  excited about what the coming years hold for Group48’s own brands and those we are  fortunate to partner with.



Working with our partners and products to bring them to life is what our in-house team  is highly experienced in. 

Along-side clear retail strategies to ensure they not only are in the right consumers  hands but also on the shelves of the best performing retailers in their category. 

We consider all channel options for our partners and draw on a huge breadth of  experience within our team in a variety of markets including major retailers, pharmacy,  boutique and online. 

With full marketing and digital support to ensure any product launch is planned to  ensure its success, there has never been a better time to bring your product to life with  Group48. 

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With a dedicated vision and commitment to progressing the reach of your  business.

Group48 has grown to be one of Australia’s premier manufacturing, distribution,  design and development houses.